Celebrating Our Roots

Catholicism: What We Do pt. 1

I have wanted to write a series about our faith fo­cusing on the Mass for a long time. I love our li­turgy. I enjoy preparing the Mass and being an active member of it together with the ministers and musicians. In order to fully partake in the Mass, I believe it is helpful to understand what we do and why.

Our Roots

Catholicism is a Christian religion whose roots are found in Judaism. Both religions believe in one God, perform certain rituals, give blessings and read from ancient texts which come from God. Just like in Judaism, Catholics make a sacramental offering. Praying, singing and listening are impor­tant, but for most church goers, the main part of the Mass is the Liturgy of the Eucharist. This is when, through the words, prayers and gestures of the priest, the Last Supper are re-enacted.

Our Greatest Gift

Jesus’ sacrifice for us is the greatest gift from God. We honor God when we take part in this celebration. This celebration is often described as one continu­al prayer. Honoring God on Sundays is important for most Christians. Jews consider themselves bound to the Old Law of the Old Testament as found in the Torah. They honor God on the Sab­bath (Saturday) since theday God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. Christians on the other hand celebrate their day of worship on Sunday, the day Christ resurrected. All Christian Churches remem­ber the Last Supper and in many Christian religi­ons, bread and wine are used as part of their ser­vice, primarily as a symbol of what Jesus did at the Last Supper.


In the Catholic faith, we believe that Jesus is not only present but his body is the bread and the wine is his blood. This is one of the biggest mysteries of our faith. As Catholics, we are called to celebrate our faith and Jesus’ sacrifi­ce for us. As Christians, we are called to take it out and into the world.