Carry Your Cross

Following the feast of Corpus Christi, the church readings enter into Ordinary Time. Beginning with the Gospel on the 12th Sunday in OT, (Luke 9:18-24) we enter into a new phase in the life of Jesus. 

The Wandering Preacher

His ministry had taken him through all of Galilee and soon his journey to Jerusalem would begin. Jesus is at a turning point in his life. He makes it clear that he is the Messiah and “must suffer greatly”. Jesus is clear that anyone who wishes to follow him “must deny himself and take up his cross daily.”

St. Paul as Instagramer

Social Media can be a great tool. If St. Paul were on a mission today, he would use all media available and even have a Twitter account. Maybe he would have podcasts on Spotify with a short, modern and motivational message. Would he be a TikToker? On Instagram I follow several religious users. While browsing, I came across an account called “Carry Your Cross”. Their message seems to be one of building up physical strength in order to carry the heavy crosses of burden. “Hunger for holiness”, “Embrace what is difficult for what is good” among others.

Carry Your Cross

In Roman times, if you were carrying a cross, you were going to be crucified. Jesus turned this sign of death into a sign of life. What does the cross mean to you? Is it a sign that you wear hidden, under your shirt or is it proudly displayed, a tool of witness for what you believe? 


As Christians, we try to live our life in a way that is pleasing to God. This means to place all of our faith and trust in God, especially during challenging times. It means to embrace what is heavy, difficult, and painful and giving thanks to God because it only makes us stronger.