Cancelling Christmas?

Due to the Corona pandemic, politicians are cancelling Christmas. This was the headline in one of the Sunday newspapers last month. It was quite shocking to read. How can we cancel Christmas? After reading further, of course they were referring to limiting family gatherings to ten people and smaller numbers of households sharing a meal. They suggest that we move our parties outdoors. Christmas will certainly be different this year. But cancel Christmas? Impossible!

Receiving the Good News

Christmas will come pandemic or not, Jesus will come whether we are ready or not! In the Gospel for Christmas morning (Luke 2:15-20) the angels had just left the shepherds on the field. They were “struck with great fear” but when they heard the good news, they quickly left to see for themselves. The shepherds were the first witnesses, the first to receive the Good News. They became the first evangelists as they took this message out on the road and “All who heard it were amazed”.

"Covid Winter"

The Covid Christmas of 2020 will not be quickly forgotten. The colder temperatures force us indoors and people will get sick. Travelling abroad is not recommended. Traditional celebrations will be replaced by small intimate gatherings. Christmas Mass, limited to fifty people, will be a challenge. 


I doubt that anyone will look back on this time with great joy. On the contrary, it will be seen as a dark time in our history, but maybe we can discover the true meaning of Christmas. I can suggest reading John’s Prologue (John 1:1-18). Jesus is the light that shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it"