A Voice To Be Heard

Few biblical figures grab our attention more than John the Baptist. John was a bold figure with his camel’s hair outfit, diet of locusts and honey plus his spirited temperament. He had a prophetic voice and people listened. 

Celebrating the Saints

On June 24th, six months before we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we remember the birth of John the Baptist. John’s calling was formed while he was in the womb of his mother, Elizabeth. The unborn child jumped at the sound of Mary’s voice as she visited her cousin, recognizing that she too was with child. 

Voice of the Future

John is the bridge from the Old Testament to the New. The prophet Isaiah spoke of him and so did Malachi. He was the one who would prepare the way of the Lord. John the Baptist spent most of his life in the desert preparing for his role in salvation. After all those years in the wilderness he was a rugged sight when he began his short, public ministry. Since the wilderness is generally a solitary place, we can assume that John spent most of those years alone. This powerful time in communion with God helped prepare him for what was to come. 


We can learn from John that time alone with God can give us strength and empower us. With wild hair, a leather belt holding his camel hair robe, John preached a message of truth, repentance and baptism. People listened and were baptized. When Zechariah presented his son in the temple, people asked, “What will this child become?” John became the one who pointed the way to the Lamb of God. Considering himself unworthy to tie the straps of his cousin’s sandals, John’s ministry made way for the message of Jesus. He prepared the way for Jesus who gave his life so we could live. It is up to us to live the life God gave us.