100 Years and 100 Steps

In his 100th year, Sir Captain Thomas Moore took 100 steps to raise money for the UK’s National Health Services. Last spring during the UK’s lockdown, he wanted to do something to support the front line workers who dedicated so much of themselves during the long difficult days and nights of the first wave of the Covid pandemic. 

Moving to Inspire

He set out to move a small hill and ended up moving a gigantic mountain. It wasn’t so much what he did, it is how he did it. Sir Tom had a goal of walking the length of his 25 meter long garden (with the help of his walker), ten times a day until he had reached 100 rounds. His goal was to complete his marathon by his 100th birthday. This awesome man reached his goal of 100 rounds and raise £50 million for charity. He also inspired a nation. After contracting Covid, he died earlier this month on February 2nd.

Inspiration to Live By

“Tomorrow will be a good day.” Sir Tom chanted this motto throughout his life. These are words for us today as we face an uncertain world in the middle of a pandemic. Expressing gratitude for the small things in life seems to be reserved for an older generation. I find inspiration from people who have lived longer than I have, people who have seen and experienced more than me. Where do you find inspiration? Perhaps a better question might be “what do you do once you have been inspired?” Jesus came to heal the sick and the brokenness of our world. This led to a movement that continues today. 


As we journey through Lent, let us be inspired by the works of others and turn it around to be an inspiration for the world. Imagine what tomorrow could look like when we all realise that it will be a good day.